Cabinet Teams

The Cabinet

Every academic year a new team of PhD students forms the GPSA Cabinet. These students dedicate substantial time and effort to improve the graduate student experience in the Government Department at Georgetown. Working together, Cabinet members organize GPSA events and advocate for improvements to the Department environment and academic program.

Following a major restructuring, as of the 2018-2019 academic year, the Cabinet Team has 11 members: The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Social Events Coordinator, Academic Events Coordinator, Pedagogy Representative, GPSA Prospectus Workshop Series (GPROWS) Coordinator, Women’s Representative, Military Students Representative, and two Graduate Working Group (GWG) Co-Chairpersons.

The GPSA President is responsible for handling correspondence, managing the Cabinet, and setting the organization’s vision and priorities for the academic year. Furthermore, the President serves as the primary liaison between GPSA, graduate students, and the Government Department’s faculty and administrators.  As such, they are the primary point of contact for anyone interested in learning more about GPSA and its initiatives and events. The President also leads the preparation of events that are organized in partnership with the Government Department, while assisting other Cabinet members when needed in the preparation of independent GPSA events. Finally, the President manages communications and its online presence.

The Vice President assists the President and all Cabinet members in furthering the organization’s initiatives and preparing various events. They also serve as the primary “external liaison” of the organization, working to coordinate consortium wide events.

The Treasurer manages the organization’s funds obtained through the Graduate Student Government and assists all Cabinet members with event financing.

The Social Events Coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating (you guessed it), social events! 

The Academic Events Coordinator organizes a variety of events that serve as opportunities for graduate student professional development.

The Pedagogy Representative is primarily responsible for working with the Government Department to organize the Fall and Spring Pedagogy Workshops and provide resources for our TAs.

The GPROWS Representative is responsible for coordinating this workshop series for Government Department PhD Students working on their Prospectuses. This includes moderating discussions during the sessions themselves, along with managing all other logistical aspects of the program.

The Women’s Representative advocates for the various concerns and interests of women affiliated with the Government Department. GPSA is committed to ensuring that all students in the Department have an equal opportunity to flourish over the course of their graduate studies. One of the primary roles of the Women’s Representative is to be available as a point of contact for women in the event that any specific concerns or questions arise. The Women’s Representative also organizes events that support the women affiliated with the Government Department and raise awareness about the work and place of women scholars in the discipline of Political Science.

The Military Students Representative serves as a point of contact and advocate for those affiliated with various branches of the US Armed Forces. 

Finally, the two GWG Co-Chairs are responsible for organizing this workshop seminar series throughout the academic year. They solicit papers for the workshops, manage the series schedule, make all necessary logistical arrangements, and facilitate discussion at each session. This position is unique in that the GWG chairs generally select their successors.

By clicking the links below, you can review the profiles of the current and past GPSA Cabinets by academic year.

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