GPSA is open to hearing your questions, comments, concerns, and/or suggestions at any time! Below are the contact emails for three key members of the GPSA Cabinet. The GPSA President serves as the primary point of contact. The Women’s Representative and the Military Students Representative can be contacted directly if needed in the event that any issues arise related in any way to the concerns of women or military students in the Government Department or at Georgetown.

In the event that a sensitive issue or concern arises, please do not hesitate to contact any of the individuals below anonymously. In every case we will do our utmost to promptly answer your questions and address your concerns – and if we do not have an answer or a solution, we will direct you to those who are better placed to help.

Primary Contact Information

gpsa [at]

Justin Casey | GPSA President
jsc146 [at]

Women’s Representative

Claire Lee
cl1061 [at]

Military Students Representative

Scott Cuomo
Military Students Representative
sac26 [at]