Throughout the academic year, GPSA organizes an array of events aimed at building community and enabled socialization (both among ourselves and within the discipline). Some of our major initiatives are as follows:

The Graduate Working Group (GWG) allows students to present their original academic work to their peers and obtain feedback in a relaxed environment. Held nearly every week during the school year, GWG sessions simulate a conference experience while allowing participants to push their work forward. For more information about the GWG and how to submit a paper: click here.

Community is key, and GPSA hosts various Social Events aimed at improving our grad school experience. To do so, GPSA organizes a number of social events (formal and informal) throughout the academic year. For more information about these social events: click here.

The GPSA Prospectus Workshop Series (GPROWS) is aimed at helping students working on their dissertation prospectuses. Through these sessions students help each other develop their ideas and advance toward the prospectus defense. For more information about GPROWS: click here.

GPSA collaborates with the Department in organizing important events for graduate students. Most importantly, GPSA works together to prepare the Pedagogy Workshop for students who will be first-time TAs, which takes place at the start of every academic year. We also host a Town Hall where we openly discuss the program with the department’s administrators. For more information about collaborative events: click here

We also organize Academic and Professional Talks throughout the school year. For more information about these talks: click here.