Social Events

GPSA’s central mission as an organization is to improve the experience of graduate students affiliated with the Government Department and interested in Political Science. To do so, GPSA organizes a number of social events that bring the community of Government graduate students together. Graduate studies can be intense and isolating – so getting together to enjoy each others company over food, drinks, and sport is essential!

Below is information regarding some of GPSA’s main social events of the academic year. In addition to these main events, GPSA organizes smaller social gatherings over the course of the year, including informal “Welcome (Back) Drinks” for incoming and returning PhD students, “Game Nights,” and other opportunities for students to get together. All of these events allow graduate students to relax and enjoy each others’ company off campus and outside of the classroom!

Washington DC Area PhD Student Social
The DC area has numerous universities which have political science PhD programs, yet students who are pursuing PhDs at these universities are largely disconnected from each other. Georgetown aims to be a leader of collaboration among consortium schools. In an attempt to forge ties between the PhD students throughout the DC area, GPSA will be organizing a new event that aims to bring these students together. In the end, GPSA hopes to facilitate the creation of a network of PhD students, so that new friendships are made, new collaborations developed, and a broader sense of community is formed.

Thanksgiving Potluck
Hosted by a member of the GPSA Cabinet and held the weekend before the Thanksgiving holiday, with everyone who comes contributing something in the form of food or drink, this dinner ends up being quite the feast every time! 

Faculty-Student Soccer Match and End of Year BBQ
First, PhD students and Government Department faculty face-off in a soccer match. Second, we get together for an end-of-the-year celebratory barbecue. Usually, these two events take place back-to-back the Friday or Saturday after classes have ended and before final exams have begun. This has always been a great way to end the school-year, and for those in course-work to take a breather before delving into writing their term papers. 

Govt Masters and PhD Social
Despite sharing the Grad-Lounge and having similar interests in political science, the Masters and PhD students tend to lead very separate lives on and off campus. Game nights typically help us to get acquainted and network with each other.