Applications to Present

At the beginning of every semester, the GWG co-Chairs send out a call for applications. We accept papers at all stages of development (nascent papers may be grouped together in brainstorming sessions) and from all sub-fields (as well as from MA programs). Students working on collaborative projects with other students or faculty are also welcome to apply.

While the GWG primarily exists as an opportunity for graduate students to critique each other’s work and receive valuable feedback from peers, presenters have the option to indicate specific faculty members that they would like to invite for their presentation as well as an option to have their session open to general faculty participation.

The information required for an application constitutes the following:

  • Paper/Talk Title
  • Name(s) of Author(s)
  • 200-word abstract
  • Paper purpose and status (e.g., conference presentation)
  • Preferred discussant (if known)
  • Preferred week of presentation
  • Format: traditional paper presentation or part of a multi-project brainstorming session
  • Do you want your session to be open to faculty participation?

If you have any further questions about GWG, please feel free to contact the GWG Co-Chairs at the emails indicated below:

2019-2020 Season: To be Listed