Teaching & TA Resources

As of the Fall 2017 Semester, GPSA and the Government Department faculty leadership have collaborated to organize a Pedagogy Workshop for new Teaching Assistants (TAs). (For more information about this event click here: Pedagogy Workshop). In preparing for this event, GPSA and the Department have prepared and compiled a number of useful resources for TAs (both experienced and novices) which we are making easily accessible here.

Government Department Resource Repository

By clicking the link below you will be taken to a Georgetown Box folder which contains a number of useful documents for TAs that were compiled in advance of the Fall 2017 Pedagogy Workshop. They include a “Pedagogy Reference Sheet” that is filled with useful suggestions and tips for effective teaching. You will need to log-in using your Georgetown ID and passwood.


Online and Campus Resources

Blackboard is the online course management system that many TAs will likely be familiar with from their own course-work. Although it may not be intuitive, there are numerous useful resources that you can use such as photo rosters (useful to review before the first section), Turnitin, discussion boards, class-wide emails, etc. Do note, however, that Georgetown is transitioning to Canvas, a new system. Click the link here to access: https://blackboard.georgetown.edu/webapps/portal/execute/tabs/tabAction?tab_tab_group_id=_8_1

Canvas is the new online course management system that is being adopted at Georgetown. Canvas offers similar tools as Blackboard, but in a more intuitive and modern design. To get familiarized with Canvas, UIS (University Information Services) offers online training sessions (additional information on these and other trainings below). Click the link here to access Canvas: http://canvas.georgetown.edu/

Academic Resource Center
The ARC is an institution dedicated to provides disability support, student-athlete support, and academic support for students at Georgetown who need such assistance. If students require additional time to complete exams, they will take their exam at the ARC facilities – as a TA, you will need to coordinate with the ARC to pick up the exam responses. Click the link here for more information: https://academicsupport.georgetown.edu/

Student Health Services
In the event of emergencies or medical concerns, you should be aware of the Student Health Services center on campus. You can click the link here for more information: https://studenthealth.georgetown.edu/

Teaching Programs at Georgetown

The CNDLS (Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship) is a Georgetown institution dedicated to providing faculty and graduate students with tools, resources, and opportunities that further their development as teachers. The Center hosts a variety of useful events for graduate students, and has a variety of online resources regarding inclusive pedagogy, assessment, etc. Below we describe some of the key programs and resources that they provide. Check out their website linked here for more information: https://cndls.georgetown.edu/atprogram/

Apprenticeship in Teaching (AT) Program
The AT program consists of six workshop sessions held throughout the academic year (four required, plus two electives), which includes multiple writing assignments (e.g., creating a teaching philosophy), class observation, and teaching (while being filmed) in a structured environment. The four required sessions are as follows: effective classroom interaction, assessment and grading, the teaching portfolio, and syllabus design.
Link: https://cndls.georgetown.edu/atprogram/

Teaching, Learning, and Innovation Summer Institute (TLISI)
A week-long summer (late May) institute that includes workshops, presentations, poster sessions, focus groups, roundtable discussions, and more. Themes this year include evidence-based teaching and learning, inclusive pedagogies, technology enhanced learning, and more, but topics do vary somewhat from year to year. One may apply to present, but presenting is not required for attendance.
Link: https://tlisi.georgetown.edu/session-formats/
Link: https://tlisi.georgetown.edu/institute-themes/

Course Design Consultations
One-on-one meetings with CNDLS staff, by appointment only.
Link: https://cndls.georgetown.edu/support/course-design/

University Information Services (UIS) provides an Education Training Workshop for interested faculty and graduate students. These Workshops are usually offered online as webinars. Topics include Blackboard, Canvas, and instructional continuity tools. Check out their website linked here for more information: https://uis.georgetown.edu/training-course-schedule-edtech